The Return Of The Dozen (2008)

The Return Of The Dozen (2008)

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  1. Intro (feat.Dolo)
  2. We Back
  3. Throw Em Up High
  4. The Drill
  5. Cheatin In Bedroom (feat. Monica Blaire & King Gordy)
  6. I Am G (feat.Maestro)
  7. If You Want It
  8. U Never Know
  9. I Am Gone (feat.King Gordy)
  10. Win Or Lose (feat.King Gordy)
  11. I Am From The ''D''
  12. Suicide (feat. Sindy Syringe)
  13. Plead For Your Life (feat.Royce da 59)
  14. Get Is Paper (feat.Rod Dae From Rock Bottom)
  15. You're Not Gangsta (feat.King Gordy & Willie The Kidd)
  16. Thats The Way That Goes
  17. The Situation (feat. Black Face From Rock Bottom & King Gordy)
  18. 13 MC's (feat. VA)
  19. Mrs. Pitts (feat.King Gordy)
  20. Outra (feat.Dolo)
  21. Don't Hate (feat.King Gordy)
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