High Spirits (1990)


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  1. Theme tune
  2. Glenda and the test tube baby
  3. Park lane punch up
  4. The lambrusco kid
  5. Stay mellow
  6. You and a box of handkerchiefs
  7. Bless you my son
  8. My girlfriends dad's a vicar
  9. The Ashbrooke Launderette
  10. Harry Cross (a tribute to Edna)
  11. Blue suede shoes
  12. Wipe out!
  13. Alfie from the Bronx
  14. You won't be merry on a north sea ferry
  15. Worse things happen at sea
  16. If you're in a pop group
  17. Dougy giro
  18. Fisticuffs in Frederick Street
  19. Siders in the dressing room
  20. I'll get even with Steven (Steven is tender)
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