The Meteors vs. The World (2000)


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  1. Meteors vs. The World
  2. Get Outta My Way Now
  3. Stop Wasting Your Time
  4. Death Dance 2000
  5. Give The Devil His Due
  6. Die World (live)
  7. She's a Zombie Now
  8. The Crazed
  9. Hell Ain't Hot Enough
  10. Wildthing
  11. Doing The Lord's Work (Laz Pt. I)
  12. Execution Song (Laz Pt. II)
  13. Killer (Laz Pt. III)
  14. Speedfreak
  15. My Baby's Got a Flame Thrower
  16. You're a Liar
  17. You Don't Know Me Very Well
  18. These Boots Are Made For Walking
  19. Wild Thing
  20. Night of The Werewolf
  21. Slow Down You Grave Robbing Bastard
  22. Michael Myers (Still In Shape)
  23. I Don't Want You No More
  24. I'm Going Home
  25. If You Don't Wanna Fuck Me Baby
  26. Die World (end reprise)
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