Leave Home [expanded] (2001)


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  1. Glad To See You Go
  2. Gimme Gimme Shock Treatment
  3. I Remember You
  4. Oh Oh I Love Her So
  5. Carbona Not Glue
  6. Suzy Is a Headbanger
  7. Pinhead
  8. Now I Wanna Be a Good Boy
  9. Swallow My Pride
  10. What's Your Game
  11. California Sun
  12. Commando
  13. You're Gonna Kill That Girl
  14. You Should Never Have Opened That Door
  15. Loudmouth [live]
  16. Beat On The Brat [live]
  17. Blitzkrieg Bop [live]
  18. I Remember You [live]
  19. Glad To See You Go [live]
  20. Chainsaw [live]
  21. 53rd & 3rd [live]
  22. I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend [live]
  23. Havana Affair [live]
  24. Listen To My Heart [live]
  25. California Sun [live]
  26. Judy Is a Punk [live]
  27. I Don't Wanna Walk Around With You [live]
  28. Today Your Love, Tomorrow The World [live]
  29. Now I Wanna Sniff Some Glue [live]
  30. Let's Dance [live]
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